Children starting from the age of 5 are coached to be comfortable with the Basketball. They are trained to get their hands accustomed to handling the Basketball. Children are taught to dribble, pass and receive the Basketball. We use lower baskets for the children to learn the right body form & technique, to learn to shoot.

We focus on the right form and technique over the immediate satisfaction of putting the ball into the basket (using the wrong form and technique).

Children are taught using a wide range of games and competitions which simulate game situations and help master the techniques required to be a competitive Basketball player.



Children from the age of 5 are taught the basics of dribbling, passing and shooting. The sessions are planned so the children do not stand around in long lines, ensuring that they get to absorb and practice everything that is planned for the session. We teach using fun games and activities instead of monotonous drills.

The children are trained in groups, which are segregated depending on the child’s skill and ability.

The focus is becoming a better player & at the same time learning sportsmanship. The values of honesty, respecting opponents & referees, hard work & team work are taught at our academies.

About Our Coaches


Large team of men and women coaches

Coaches certified by FIBA for basketball

Coaches certified by KNVB(Holland) and AFC

Coaches are certified by i-Hoops which is a coming together of the NBA, NCAA and USA basketball

Workshops are organized for our coaches, to ensure they follow the best coaching techniques

Regular ‘coach the coaches’ workshops are organized

Thorough background checks are conducted and coaches are trained to respect personal boundaries of children

Strict protocol is taught to each coach in case a child is injured

How We Operate



Pitch conducts workshops with the best coaches from the U.S.A. Pitch organizes special sessions for its students to be trained by coaches sent by the NBA.

Beyond Coaching


Inter academy league

Talks by former players

Exposure trips – to watch matches

Foreign and domestic trips – During holidays

Workshops with foreign coaches

Theory (use of an AV room)

Diet plan

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