About Us



It is our aim to take sport to the masses. We look to bring high quality training to our client’s doorstep.

It is our objective to raise the bar for coaches across the country, in order to ensure that all aspiring sportspersons are given better training. We aim to set new standards for coaches across the country.

We look to make children take up sport at younger ages. We feel that training children from the age of 5 years helps them to master the basics before they play competitive sport.


What We Do


  • Build community youth sports training programmes
  • End to end training(first exposure to competitive match play)
  • All programmes executed on site at clients facility
  • Customize programmes to cater to the client’s requirements


The Problems We Solve


  • Parents are not able to access the best programmes for logistical reasons
  • Training centers are too far and timing is not convenient
  • Cost is too high
  • Concerns over safety of the child
  • Parents are unable to watch the training


How We Operate


  • One and a half hour training sessions conducted by professional coaches, 2 to 3 times a week.
  • Batches are of optimum size and we guarantee individual attention to each child.
  • Multi tier system which will cater to children at all levels. Specialized coaches for each level.
  • Inter academy league played on a home and away basis.
  • Best players are selected to represent the academy team in state level competitions.
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